For Fucks Sakes… OR.. When Did I Become The Green Eyed Monster… Or.. Chill the Fuck Out Dickweed

Any one of these titles would suffice. Yet any of them together are completely lacking. I’ve always been cool, chill, disconnected, easy going or attached(ish) when I have found myself in a committed(ish) relationship. Why so fucking serious, ya gawd damned fool? Get a fucking clue. She ain’t going anywhere…. unless I continue this childish rhetoric.

Green Eyed Monster

Like a fucking toddler with a new toy. Its always fun to notice all the other kids staring at your shiney new bike, until they start asking you if they can ride it, or trying to ride it behind your back, or even worse…. trying to ride it right under your nose. All of the sudden, you want to leave it at home, make sure its locked up tight. These kids are sly. Put their hands on the grips, testing your comfort level all the while staring at you to show they aren’t slightly intimidated.

I’d be remiss if I did not mention here that women are not a toy. Not to be treated like one, not to be regarded as one.

Yeah well fuck you too, you disrespectful wolf in sheep’s clothing. When you try to disguise yourself as “just a friend”, be sure your behaviors match your claim. Don’t be an asshole, don’t be a creep, and try to be an advocate of your former side piece’s love interest. Surprising how much you can desire something you used to discard, when someone comes along, picks it up, and places value in it. I hope you learn a lesson in your loss you grandiose prick. She was not meant to be merely someone’s side peice. She was no diamond in the rough, she was a diamond hidden in sapphire. More amazing then you will ever know now.

So, I didn’t give in to the green-eyed monster and become that toddler. Instead, I was just honest with her everytime the subject of her “friend” came up.

* I didn’t trust him, or his motives.

* I did, and I do trust her.

* I felt her keeping him as a friend was inappropriate, and I gave her my reasons. And none of them were unreasonable.

* I told her to extend a opportunity for us all to meet up, so that I could give him a benefit of the doubt. He quickly rejected the notion only offering “I don’t have any interest in any of that, I am sure you know why.”

Duh, you want to maintain the relationship you had with her that required minimal commitment, only momentary displayed respect to maintain your facade and continue to get your ego inflated. The fact that you treated my girl that way sickens me, I hope no one does that to one of your daughters. You are after all, just a fuck-boy, and daughters tend to model their partners after their fathers. Grow up you childish sack of shit.

Yes, there were moments of jealousy, extreme, gut-wrenching jealousy, but those moments were not clouded by that jealousy. I kept a firm hand on my emotions and dealt with things rationally, lovingly and adult like. Yes, the whole time there was some anger, hurt, confusion, and frustration (on both sides mind you), but it never overpowered the reoccurring discussion that surrounded him.

And women cannot be to blame for this. Men can be very convincing. She really wanted to believe he was a friend. He did a number on her, she was crushed. He wasn’t her friend after all. He was her owner, he only puffed up to protect her if someone was trying to overtake his property. Sickening. Pathetic. You are no man. You are a boy.

Men, if you can’t treat a woman as if she were the most precious thing on earth, she is probably not the one for you. Quit wasting hers and your time and move on. Quit using women. Each failed relationship is another piece of her heart taken away. Each man leaves her feeling more empty, worthless, hopeless, bitter and broken. You deconstruct that smile that you once found attractive.

I have found someone worth more than life itself. I would die protecting her. She receives ALL of my affection, reserving none for any other woman. She is the only woman in my eyes. I will do anything to safeguard our relationship. If I were to offer her anything less, I would not be worth her affection.

Men, always be honest, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, and caring above all else. If you give her those things you will be rewarded tenfold.

It is really an amazing dynamic.

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