The question

I do not question the word of God, I question man’s deliverance of it.

I think way too much. Rather I overthink. Sometimes I, in trying to explain one thought, have 15 other thoughts consecutively and smear them into an obscure reference trying to explain said, original thought. It comes out as jibberish. I sound like a raving lunatic. And all I can do is laugh at myself, audibly, making myself seem….crazy.

One could say I have a way with linguistically obscure stammerings of purposeful and random consonant and vowel arrangements. Linguistic-ally speaking of course. Theoretically.


So as the thought looses itself in the sounds of my words, I continue to try to explain myself…. most people listening to me seem to be trying to mentally will me to stop myself, cause aye, the wreckage is coming captain. Yet I cease to halt.

As I started this blog, I had many thoughts as to the direction i was going to take with this. Ah, the question! I believe in God, a Devine creative power. Whether he achieved creation slowly, or instantaneously, or orchestrating a big boom is beyond my understanding. Hell for all I know, the galaxy I live in is a large petri dish.

How is it possible this all came into existence? If nothing came before God, how did God come to existence?

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