Boom! Boom! Boom! (You know what that sound is? Dan beating his head on the walls again?)

Poor walls.

Walls in my abode, walls in my mind, walls in my life. Endeavoring to carry out my bidding, to no avail.

All built to keep unwanted things out. Perhaps I mean, put out, as in a fire. Keep the light off the things I don’t care to have detected by my detractors. The darkness remains behind the walls. Only for a compendious moment.

AND DAMN THE DOORS!!! DAMN THE DOORS FOR SURMOUNTING THE WALLS. The doors, you see, will not acquiesce the walls to do their calling. Keeping the consternation at bay.

Do I keep having to tell you what a walls avocation is?! Keep..Things…Away.

DOORS!!! Preposterous things they are..

“Come in, come look at the wretched state this man is found!”, the doors seem to shout.

The voyeurs cast deceit in his face and scoff at his troubles.

The doors let them by, I tell you. The doors, are out, to get me…

Bolt them! Latch them! With 16 penny I shall harden them to their jambs… their hinges will seem frozen.. yet I hear them still,

“Come friend, open your door.. let us enter, that we should lend a hand!”

Mockers! All of them. Offer a hand indeed! Extend a hand as they run me asunder by foot! Trust them? They must think of me as a fool. I’d be better for offering my bare throat to their blades.

What’s that? A sweet voice!? Let me put my ear to the wall to hear her out..

“It must be terribly lonely in there…” she wooed me with her soft melody.

“See, I understand. I have been lonely too. Allow me to trespass, that we should bring each other conviviality..”

I will not stand here for this. The grain of the wood marking my forehead as I pressed against it, “I beseech you! Go from me, now!” I heard myself utter in a newly weakened and trembling voice, tears stained the wood.

“I know the yearning of your heart, beloved, let me tend to your soul.”

“All of my resolve, where has it gone?” I asked myself as I felt my fingers slowly twisting the knob of the door. I began to drift towards the now sullen, cloaked woman nearly effortlessly. Looking back towards that doorway only for a moment, just in time to watch my flesh fall to the ground…..

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