Pourquoi Nous ne Pouvons Pas Avoir De Belles Choses..




Whether by self-sabotaging, outside forces, wrong place at wrong time, or just casual wrecklessness.

Perhaps by design. After all there has to be a creative force, that willed us into existence, that drives this crazy car, called “Our Lives”. I could have wandered off into self will, and got into something that would have led me off my “designed (or intended) path”, so to speak. I supposed I’d rather have it taken from me, than me just being smitted, I guess.

Gross negligence is a recurrent cause. Keep forgetting to water that plant, it will soon wither away. Ignore your significant smother (misspelling intended), POOF!!!! That will go away too.

Buh-bye now!

I am not sure why I am so captivated by that disappearing hand..

Subconsciously, maybe we wanted it to go away, or to be just done with it. We did not feel deserving of it, or maybe, that the work was too damned hard to be worth the reward.

Even better, as my mom had me believing until I was old enough to stop believing in monsters, demons were to blame. They would step in to negatively impact God’s intent for a persons life, fighting for the greater evil. In retrospect, demons did make me do some baaaad things though… My parents believed that, once they found my copy of Mötley Crües Shout at the Devil album in my room. I was indeed possessed.


Some like to believe in karmic fate. Some force in the universe that rights all wrongs. You hurt someone, so in turn, karma kicks your ass as payback. After all, Karma is a bitch. I think belief in karma, this mystical, imagined force that keeps the justice scales balanced, is puerile. Who made that shit up anyways!? So long as it makes you feel better.

Take that! Ya little terrorist shit!

I don’t know, there, perhaps are a few of the reasons that, as the title suggests, Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. But I am just spit-balling here…

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