Brentwood Tennessee (Or places that resembles hell)

There is a joke that is a favorite of mine.

Two friends die at the same moment in a automobile accident.

One goes to heaven and one goes to hell. The one in heaven is bored and decided to peek in on his buddy in hell.

Sitting on his lofty cloud, he uses his hands to part it to peer into hell. And that is when he sees his buddy sitting at a bar with a beer bottle in his hand and a gorgeous blonde sitting on his lap.

He goes to st. Peter and says, “I don’t mean to complain, However I’ve been bored up here, and when I looked down on my friend in Hell, he’s sitting at a bar with a beer bottle in his hand and a gorgeous blonde sitting on his lap.”

Saint Peter Chuckles a little bit and then says to the man,”But you haven’t looked closer. Do you see that beer bottle in his hand? It has a hole in the bottom. And you see that blonde sitting on his lap? Well she doesn’t.”

…..and that is how I relate to Hell, Ergo, Brentwood Tennessee.

Brentwood Tennessee… ne’er been, can’t say that I will again either.
They roll the sidewalks up at 10. Taco bell too.

And the cops ain’t no joke. As I park on a dead end area, a cop following a white suv with his lights on, while over his PA, saying “driver pull over”. I always thought that was just automatic… what ever. Then a pig on foot comes running over, followed by 5 squad cars pulling in behind them, blocking me in (there goes my chances of finding sustenance, THANKS ASSHOLES!)

Call me dumbass, but here is where i want to scream “HE’S GOT A GUN!!!!” Fuck it, im not gonna eat anyways. Right!?!?
The little area I am in is packed with shopping, restaurants, the biggest community YMCA I’ve seen in a small town. And a Del Friscos, always wanted to try. Sure the fuck won’t tonight either.
THANKS AGAIN BRENTWOOD PIGS! Aw.. not their fault entirely, the previous 2 days wiped my old ass out.. was in my room by 5 tonight with intentions of changing and going for food..just for a second I’ll flop on the bed Anand chhhheccckthe newss………
Hello 9pm.. if it weren’t for my eternally demanding gullet, I’d still be in the passionate throws of slumber… I was sleeping that bed ….SOO…..HARD!!!! Woke up thinking of food, and Walter.. my dog…former dog. Miss the fuck outta him.
Ok dammit, you gonna make me cry here.. I had to “rehome” my buddy Walter 2 yrs ago after taking this job that has me in a airplane more than home.
Walter was over 100 pounds, which immediately disqualifies him as a “travel companion”. My then girlfriend suddenly decided she couldn’t deal with him when I traveled. I was forced to rehome my buddy, my road dog that loved going for rides in my Jeep, was an excellent hiker that remained close by on the trail without a leash, even better camper, and got me through a gut wrenching divorce that left me feeling empty, and hopeless. He was there.
I miss him, immensely.
I was involved heavily in his placement with the dog rescue. Awesome people at Bailey Ranch Rescue.
Walter picked his new home actually. A 52 year old lady who was raising her granddaughter. She was a small framed woman looking for a smaller dog as a companion to them both. She would come there on the weekends. Put a blanket out, and sit on the grass watching the dogs at play. She had her eye on the terrier mix. One weekend she brought her granddaughter. Walter had his eye on them. He ran over to them, flopped clumsily on the blanket with all four paws in the air, turned his head towards the 4 year old girl and gave her one quick “hello” lick on the girls leg. She squealed and laughed hysterically.
After an hour she reluctantly asked the rescue people and me if she could bring him home for a day to watch their interaction their. We both conceded.
Walt loved little kids, he loved people.. he displayed exeplorary patience with children, he would drag adults with his leash on, when my granddaughter held the leash, he watched her every step, gently following her.
The next day they called me, she loved Walter and her granddaughter together… perfect fit. In their yard Walter would position himself between the granddaughter and their large pond in the front yard, as well as between her and the busy road they lived on. Snack/nap time he layed on his side, back against the couch, and she layed on Walter, falling asleep to her cartoons.
He is barely 4 himself. They will grow up together… the bond was there instantly… the only thing that makes it ok for me. Per the regulations, I wasn’t given the new family of Walter’s info…. for the better as I could have changed my mind what have you.
I miss Walt. But I couldn’t have written a more fitting ending to that relationship had I tried. 😊😓
Fuck, I’m hungry, I miss Walter and gawddamn I want a drink.
Well supersize my ass, and kick me in the dick!!!! McDonald’s is open. Quarter pounder please…..
it a McFuckin double! Fucking bars are closed…..

that’s all i got to say bout that

Night all

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